BMW 6-Series GCC Launch

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Experiential launch campaign across GCC states.

Embedding intuitive intelligence in seemingly inanimate elements, augmenting the launch campain experience with subtle interactivity, thereby delivering the brand message and communication about their new offering.

Where: 7 Gulf countries When: 2012 Client: BMW, Dubai
Project Partners: Roll over this link
Interiors, Fit-outs and Production: Big Boys Interiors, UAE
Digital Experience and Interactive Lighting: Experiential Design Lab, India
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BMW recently launched its 6-Series automobiles, and this launch campaign was centered around the Gran Coupé. The offering was conceptualised as a 'knock-down' kit, which was transported to various locations and installed to create a flexible yet standardised experience. The kit consisted of elements such as backdrop visuals, a platform for the automobile, and several podiums and standees dedicated to various aspects of product information.

The platform and podium elements were all embedded with interactions, which ranged from proximity sensing to simple touch. Therefore, each element would enrich one's experience by responding subtly to their presence. In addition, each podium was dedicated to showcase individual aspects of the 6-Series core ideology. Once approached, the podium presented brief visual messages in response to sequential touch interactions.

The interaction offered by these presentation tools complemented the brand image, while enabling customers to browse information, even select and visualise details and preferences. Broadly speaking, the interactive elements conveyed information about aspects of:
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Performance, and
  • Aeshtetics and Comfort

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