Asian Paints Colour Store

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Experience what colour can do for you

The internationally awarded Asian Paints flagship ‘Colour Store’ was launched in Delhi in September 2011.

Where: New Delhi When: 2011 Client: Asian Paints Limited
Project Partners: Roll over this link Brand Concept, Experience Design: Fitch Design
Digital Experience Design, Implementation: xdlab
Lighting Design: LDP
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This 2,700 square feet experiential space is completely dedicated to the experience of Colour and home decor, and does not engage in retail/sale.

The Asian Paints Colour Store, Delhi invites shoppers to personalise the potential of colour for their homes.

The experience begins with a large cloud chandelier at the reception, which reacts to visitors with a colourful 'cloudburst' when they step on floor-pads of various colours.

The visitors then register themselves to receive a colour card, that helps them personalise their experience in the space.

As they move through the store with 'colour cards', collecting ideas and experiences through RFID technology, they are able to transform the results into a tangible retail trophy: a colour magazine that captures their experience and makes it easy for them to ‘make it happen’ in their homes.

The store takes this interactivity further by inviting shoppers to help drive its content. Through a series of feedback devices located throughout the store, it’s able to constantly evolve by adapting its content.

A roll-out of the store concept is expected in the near future, buoyed by the tremendous success of this landmark space. Watch this space for more information.


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