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Centrally Managed Interactive Digital Signage

Trony deployed xdSignage in their store to communicate multifaceted presentations to the visitors.

Where: Rome (Italy) When: 2011 Client: Trony
Project Partners: Andrea Romoli
The signages have the ability to be managed centrally from a remote machine and have an additional ability to form clusters to create video walls. This allows larger and more impactful presentations.

Since each signage had the unique ability to download and run independent presentations based on their respective location in the store, the Trony signages communicate:
  • The brand image of Trony like trust, innovative, life-style oriented etc. through emotional presentations
  • Facts about the brand like locations, its network etc. through functional presentations
  • Aspirational life-style visuals for the products surrounding the signages
  • Functional facts and figures about the products surrounding the signages
  • Various schemes, discounts, promotions of surrounding products
The signages being centrally managed allows the administrator to change content frequently to keep the communication dynamic and update the schemes, discounts and promotions.

The Trony systems switch on and off by themselves thus keeping the set-up's operability convenient.

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