A chapter dedicated to interactive visual merchandising and retail

We have curated and written a chapter dedicated to interactive and experiential retail and VM for an educational book on Visual Merchandising published by Tata McGraw Hill India.

Where: New Delhi When: 2009 Client: Tata McGraw Hill
Authors: Anurag Sehgal, Puneet Monga

Experiencing Interaction Design

An engaging installation to explore how people can interact with technology using the analogue language they are familiar with from every day life, like gestures.

Where: Ivrea (Italy) When: 2005 C/O: Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
Exhibits: internet cafe, Turin (Italy)/ Milan Design Week 2004, Milan (Italy), ‘This is Today’, Triennale, Milan (Italy)/ MediaHouse at Fabbrica Europa, Florence (Italy)/ NEXT 2004 Copenhagen (Denmark)

Technology and design to serve sustainability

The blue roof shower is an outdoor ecosystem that uses technology to save water. Coram Design Award Winner.

Where: University of Toronto(Canada) When: 2004 C/O: Steve Mann, ePI lab
Awards: Coram Design Award 2004, First Prize

Design Research initiative with a leading global research network

World wide design-research project, to explore and understand prevalent consumer practices of charging mobile devices.

Where: Various locations world-wide When: 2009 Client: EDF Energy
Project Partners: REACH

Scout, map, research, analyse, innovate

Experiential Design Lab has been chosen by Telecom Italia to develop and scout innovative solutions.

Where: Milan (Italy) When: 2008 C/O: Telecom Italia S.p.A.
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